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Play/buy guide
Here you have a tentative guide to get you started in Munich, from VTES point of view.
We list here the places where you can play or buy VTES produts.

Information only, this site is *NOT* sponsored.

As soon as we know of other places I will list them here. If you know of some, please let us know!

Must say that the panorama is not encouraging.
To our knowledge so far, only two shops exist. As they function only as what they are, shops,
they are not open after late afternoonish (no arena concept or gamers meeting point in any of them). This means that playing gatherings take place either at private apartments or at restaurants and bars. This has the big disadvantage that you are removed from a gamer environment, therefore not drawing new players in.

To find new players we strongly recomend the VTESMunich Mailing List

  Funtainment At Funtainment, Landwehrstr.12A you can play during the shop's opening time on the few tables provided. Additionally, this shop has VTES material available, and the personel at least knows the game. Funtainment organises the Games Meetings (usually TCG and RPG) every saturday in Schwanthalerstr. 51 and the space and support for VTES tournaments (Thanks a lot!).

  Games In Games In has has VTES material for sale. You find it Karlstr This shop is more RPG and table top classic strategy games oriented, and offers unfortunately no playing space.

  Restaurant Bella Italia (Dachauerstr) The staff at this restaurant in Dachauerstr. 21 tolerates card game sessions. Most people that gather at Games In comes here when the shop closes come here to continue games, so you're likely to meet other players here.
The finals of our last tournaments took place there. Tip: don't use coins as blood counters.

  Gamblers Lounge @ Pathos Transport During 2003, every wednesday, from 20h-22h, it was possible to play games there, to the sound of dub and lounge. Come early to get a table. Dont know if this event goes on (input anybody?)

Your Input:

  Retailers/Places to Play Any tip that should be here? We welcome suggestions. Thanks.

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