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Welcome and Introduction
Be welcome to this page.
This page is and will continue to be a support resource for anyone who wishes to play Vampire the Eternal Struggle (also called VTES, formerly known as Jyhad) in and around Munich. It is a regional page. Not a general resource page.

-For a non exhaustive list of good VTES resources URLs, check the resource-links section VTES resources or better, the links section in the White Wolf Official Page (link left from title)
-To learn what is VTES, or to get the latest official news, please read the White Wolf Official Page (link left from title).
-To know more about VTES activities in Germany please read the Vampire Elder Kindred Network for Germany page (link right from title).
-To know about VTES activities in and around Munich, you are possibly in the right place.

Suggestions and critics welcome.


  "Rebbeca's Last Stand? Tournaments in Munich are not dead, they just smell funny" After 5 quiet years, tournaments might be back to Munich. "Rebbeca's Last stand?" will take place 24th May 2008, 10.30 sharp, somewhere in Munich, exact place to be disclosed after the mandatory pre-registration (contact: For certain: it will be the last tournament ever organised by this team.

  VTESMunich Mailing List No news on this page, please refer to VTES-Munich mailing list for updates

  Munich League, Fall 2003 (finished). The first Munich Liga is finished. Check results on the link on the left. New one already taking place. Rules are following: Every time a game is played with a minimum of 4 players, the results will be taken for the League. For your results to be considered a minimum of 7 games is required. No registration required, you just have to come and play. To know when and where the games take place, just mail Robert Mueller or join the VTESMunich Mailing List. Standings here .

  New prince in the Munich domain Jul 2003. After three intensive years, time to take a break. This page will continue to to provide the same service, permanent information about the Munich VTES scene. But for all the most recent updates please write to Robert Mueller, the new prince, or check his website, the Cold Dawn.

  Weekly Playing sessions The Munich group plays steadily every week, but not with a fixed date or time. To be notified please either join the VTESMunich Mailing List, or check the munich forum at VEKN.DE.

  Demos Demos of the game are being made irregularly. To be notified of the next date please either join the VTESMunich Mailing List, or check the munich forum at VEKN.DE.

  VTESMunich Mailing List News and updates on VTES regional/national scene, tournament announcements, general updates. Gaming sessions arrangements.

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