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No personal home page available, no life beyond VTES I want to share!!
Mónica M.

The list of some selected decks.
No warranty that they are interesting, efficient or usefull. Read at your own risk
Credits of the picture above to Robert Mueller, that created personalised vampire cards as participation prizes of a private invitational tournament (Honor the Elders).

  Deck Comments
  Sufragettes (it was their 100th aniversary in October)) A toolbox deck. Full Arhimanes Crypt. Bleeds, fights and intercepts. How they still find some time to do their nails, it is a mistery to me. As a deck, it is playable and it works quite fine, wins a lot. A feminist dream, to say the least.
  Tour de France A bleed deck based in the combo Courrier and Cloak the Gathering. Too slow, must be reworked. But also not disastrous. The see plus optional discard ability of the Courriers can be surprisingly usefull towards end of game phase, if your memory is good.
  I shall not want.. Based in the combo Enticement and Night Moves. Uses also Sargon to do anything and get the edge. Weak point is the defense. Fun to play with, not really efficient, but not shamefully disgrcefull, I would not bring it to a tournament. Again, a nice drft to get some serious developing ideas.
  Hitchcock's "Birds" Nothing excintingly new, just rush and Carrion Crows and Aid from Bats, firmly grounded in a very, err, unexpensive crypt. Shamefully efficient. A Bleed variation of it took me to 7th place in Mannheim in 2001. Was third place in Darmstadt 2001 played by Rui.
  Habla con Ella This deck does not work. Just wanted to make a theme deck based on a Almodovar's film. Based on Madness Network, avoids combat (when not, it comas your vampires) and stays eternally untaped using protean, tries to intercept whenever usefull, and still bleeds every players turns... Ah!! it sounds so good, this concept! But the deck itself handjams a lot making it impossible.
  Furs on Bikes Looks like just another discard deck, but the idea is to make a selective discard on your pray. Again, who plays with this deck must have a very good memory (I do) and a lot of concentration (I dont). Flows quite good, specially if you also seek combat, more as intimtion display of potential, as actually your strategy. A mindtrickster deck. Again, like most of the decks here, not very efficient, but also not ridiculous experimental.
  Another Bruise and Bleed Brujah bruise vote and bleed. It works, it is not new under the sun, and it is boring. Does not even deserve a name.
  This is not a deck And there be dragons, real ones, after this point. Really.

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