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Update registry of this site
Just for the ultimately curious or for pedagogic issues.
Here is a brief registry of the history of this site.

  Feb 2001 1st Foggy Idea
  May 2001 1st Draft Ready, Full of Bugs
  Jun 2001 1st Working version, no pictures, looks awful
  Jul 2001 Picture version, still looks awful, but works. Uploaded at Tripod.
  Oct 2001 2nd Picture version.
  Nov 2001 Easy to update version, new colour scheme.
  Aug 2002 Frames version.
  Dec 2002 Remove most of non permanent info. Volatile info to be broadcasted at the mailing list only, before so many updates drive me crazy! This page will have another objective in the future.
  July 2003 New prince in Munich. Nevertheless, it is found that this page provides a service, and it will continue to. All permanent information about the Munich VTES scene will be made public here.
  Mai 2004 Housecleaning. Ongoing. Lots of broken links updated or removed.

Coming soon:

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