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Here you will find a VTES events list.
Among these you will find the regular events organized by us, such as Tournaments and Demo sessions.
Also listed here you'll find info about Tournaments and Events in nerby cities, nevertheless, the vtesmunich mailing list will be prefered for this kind of announcements. Tournament reports are also to be found here.

  Demos Demos are being run (irregularly) dates to be announced at the usual places at the Trading Card Meeting, at Schwanthalerstr. 51 (see where to play/buy). Can also be organised on request - contact us.

  Game Sessions We are a group that plays quite regularly, but we are eager to meet new players. Interested?contact us, and we arrange a meeting.

  Past Tournaments, Munich, posters 16 Jun 2001- Munich First Blood. Constructed, White Wolf sanctioned.
  >> 26th Jan 2002- Rebbeka's Masquerade Ball, a tournament. Constructed, White Wolf Sanctioned.
  >> 23rd February 2002- Storyline Munich, target Baltimore. Constructed, White Wolf Sanctioned.
  >> Saturday 13th April 2002- Nosferatu's Premiere Anniversary, a tournament. Constructed, White Wolf Sanctioned.

  Tournament Reports Tournaments held in Munich or in which a Munich party participated
Mannheim Constructed (8th Dec 01)
Darmstadt Constructed (15th Dec 01)
Rebekka's Masquerade Party, Munich (26th Jan 02)
Storyline Munich, target Baltimore (23rd Feb 02)

  White Wolf Tournament Calendar Check White Wolf´s Tournament Calendar page for knowing about tournaments in a specific area.

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