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Tips on Munich
This section is specialy designed for freshly arrived people. Some tools for orientation, and a little bit more. Take a look.
You can chek our where to play/buy page to find specific informations for Vampire players. The following links can be useful for a recently landed methuselah, but also for any visitor.

  About Munich itself München Stadtplan München City Map
SWM Munich' transportation system.
Munich City General info about Munich.
Oktoberfest The unavoidable Oktoberfest.
Munich Found Cultural Tips
The french connection Insider tips for all, also in english
Inter Munich More Tips on Munich (aren't you sick, yet?)
  Bayern/Bavaria Yahoo directory Bavaria Notes about Bavaria
  Get to Munich and Away Travel Manager For who choose to travel by car.
Deutsche Bahn German trains, in english also.
Deutsche Touring Bus They go almost everywhere, very cheap.
Powershoper Flights.
Expedia Randomly Picked Travel Agency.
  General Utilities SMS kostenlos Send free SMS to a german mobile (handy) number
White pages Find someone's address or telephone in Munich

  Dictionaries Dictionary German-YouNameitese Dictionary
Another Dictionary Another Dictionary
Yet Another Dictionary Yet Another Dictionary...

  Some of my Munich Highlighs Alpenverein Alpine Society
Deutsches Museum The best Technical Museum in Europe, and prolly a Tremere Chantry

  Weather Wetterzentrale Weather forecast


  Cooperation Welcome Suggestions about useful sites welcome.

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