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Rui Videira

Some decks for the inquirying mind
Learn how not to make decks! :-)

  Deck Comments
  Burning spears An antisalubri deck. Get concealed cheap melée weapons and use Valeran to make them nasty. Some rush to choose the victims, some auspex intercept to keep the predator in respect. Not much efficiency, but loads of fun.
  Angus is mad Get Angus out and use him to rush and burn your enemies minions. There is some supporting cast, for him to feel less lonely. Never actually played this deck, so no comments on its efficiency. Made it for a private tournament (Auguries of innocence) but chose another one instead.
  Freeze and be bled Basically Ravnos with dominate. Always liked them, and when Final Nights came out I couldn't resist the new stuff. Went to the first storyline, but it wasn't relly successful. Made only a couple of points, but it's good fun.
  A sleezy bleed deck A disgusting sleazy stealth bleed deck. Took it to Vienna and got a GW and 4 VPs, not enough to qualify. Basically should have 4 Dreams of the Sphinx instead of only one. Don't do nothing like it if you need new friends.
  Fire in front of us My first love were the tremere and its sabbat conterparts. I love the reverend. Basically it's a bruise and bleed deck, based on Thoughts Betrayed and second round nastiness, with thefts to balance the Thoughts' cost. It's a 2001 deck, so no new tech on it. Made third place in Mannheim, in Dezember 2001.
  Be fiendly to others This deck is heavy on the reaction side. The masters exist mainly to lure your prey on doing stupid things. It was my most successful tournament deck to date. In its various incarnations along the years made several finals and reached third on the constructed Vienna 2000 european championship. The presented version made 11th on the 2001 austrian qualifier. Much fun, but difficult to play.
  My nightmare is your nightmare My most beloved Ravnos effort. Basically a Week of Nightmares deck. Get the little guys out use the Drabas to keep the table balanced and then spoil everyone's dreams. Placed second in a small and controversial Munich tournament (Murnau's Nosferatu Prémière Anniversary.)
  EC 2003 draft winner With this deck I won my first official tournament. It was the EC 2003 draft side event. The strengths of this deck lie on the pool gain (2 Tributes to the Master and 2 Ventrue investments) and on the dominate bleed increasers and redirections. After doing my first version of it I had only 37 cards on it, try to guess which 3 cards I added to bring it up to 40.

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