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Guide to Play and Buy VTES in Munich
Here you have a tentative guide to get you started in Munich. We list here the places where you can play or buy VTES produts.

As soon as I know of other places I will list them here. If you know of some, please let me know!

  Funtainment The best place to buy and play is Funtainment, Landwehrstr.12A In this shop people are welcome to play on the available tables in a friendly atmosphere. This is the same shop that provides the trading card meeting every saturday in Schwanthalerstr. 51 and the space and support for VTES tournaments.
  Games In Other place for buying your gear is Games In, in Karlstr, More RPG oriented, No playing space, though...
  Restaurant Bella Italia The staff at this restaurant tolerates playing of CGs in Dachauerstr. 21 The finals of our last tournaments took place there. Tip: don't use coins as blood counters.

Your Input:

  Places to Play Any nice place that you know? We would welcome suggestions. TNX.

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