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Welcome and Introduction
Be welcome to our page.
This page is a support resource for anyone who wishes to play Vampire the Eternal Struggle (aka VTES) in and around Munich. It is a regional page.
To learn about VTES, or the official news, please read the White Wolf Official page (link in the upper left corner)
To know more about VTES activities in Germany please read the VEKN.DE page (link in the upper left corner)
See below the description of the site, and have a good navigation. Suggestions and/or programmers with time to improve it welcome.

  Intro/Welcome Page This Page:description of the site, and some news
  Events Events organised/disorganised in Munich, or surroundings. Tournament Annoucements.
  Tips on Munich Some help on how to survive in Munich and eventualy have a good time.
  Resources Some Electronic VTES Resources, some redundant with WW and VEKN.DE, but handy to have them all in the same page.
  Players List of Local Players, at least the ones that bothered to stay in touch. Contact them for playing.
  Buy/Play A tentative guide to Buy and Play VTES in Munich.
  Brujah Newsleters Archive for Skafen's Brujah Newsletters
  Update Registry A pedagogic history of this site (not really important)


  German Vampire Championship 7th and 8th of September Org. Andreas Nusser et al.

  European Vampire Championship 30th of November-1st of December Org. Carl Philhatsch.

  Munich's Vampire Mini Mailing List News on Bayern regional scene, tournament announcements, general updates. Gaming sessions arrangements (yes!). Contributions and input welcome. Maintained by Mónica Martins & Rui Videira. Send a mail to with the content "Hi, wanna play?".

  VTES Munich Group Supports the mailing list described above, and stores some data we have no patience to put here.

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