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Some Vampiric Resources
Here you will find a list of handy internet resources for VTES players. You will find that some of them may be redundant with, for instance, White Wolf Page, but the intention was to put them all in the same page.

  German Vampire Mailing List Approx. every month Andreas sends a mail containing pertinent information to any VTES player in Germany. Send a mail to the with the content "subscribe vtes
  German VEKN page German national page. Sometimes features also local and regional informations.
  White Wolf Official All the general information can be found here. Check regularly for updates on general issues. Check also Tournament calendar.
  Cold Dawn Cold Dawn page maintained by Robert Müller. Contains Brujah's Newsletters and several interesting articles about VTES in general and about Munich's vampire scene.
  Powerbase Lisbon Very well organised and useful. Check some of the exclusive interviews.
  Powerbase Oporto It may be worth to visit the invented cards section.
  The Lasombra Very good site, host of the Clan's Newsleters Archive.
  Rustwurk Homeric ammount of nice programing work, neatly organised.
  Sabbat in France Beautifuly adorned page. They try to give an individual touch to everything they do

More Resources:

  Vampire On line Play with other players round the world, using the web.
  Elder Library Software File Organise and optimise your decks using this great software

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